Exceptional Educators


Whether teaching or in the office Our Lady of the Rosary St Marys staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

Our highly qualified, dedicated and professional teachers work collaboratively to provide the best learning opportunities for each student. We see ourselves as learners, continually seeking ways of improving our teaching and learning techniques, the diversity of learning experiences provided for each child, and the quality of the overall learning environment.

Our enthusiastic and highly skilled support staff help to provide a safe and supportive environment and work to enable the teachers to put maximum time and effort into the children's learning.

If you wish to contact a member of staff email olorstmarys@parra.catholic.edu.au or phone on 8856 8301 weekdays between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm.

Leadership Team
Principal Mr Michael Siciliano
Assistant Principal Mrs Julianne Regan
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Colleen Fuller
Instructional Leader Kindergarten - Year 2 Mrs Teresa Wakeling
Instructional Leader Years 3-6 Mrs Julianne Regan
Coordinators Stage 1 - Mrs Kelly Dunn
Stage 2 - Mr Alan Eisenhuth
Stage 3 - Ms Ellie Coledan
Learning Support - Mrs Kim Patchell


Classroom Teachers
Early Stage 1 - Kindergarten (KN) Ms Sophie Nechepurenkov
(KV) Mrs Fiona Van Doorn
Stage 1 - Year 1 (1D) Miss Amelia D'Souza (1Z) Miss Chantelle Zuza
Stage 1 - Year 2 (2R) Miss Tara Ryan
(2L) Miss Monica Lopez
Stage 2 - Year 3 (3B) Miss Karlie Beckhaus
(3M) Miss Lesley Clark
Stage 2 - Year 4 (4P) Miss Yazmin Patel
(4W) Miss Jessica Wheelahan
Stage 3 - Year 5 (5C) Ms Ellie Coledan
(5M) Mrs Megan Hilder
Stage 3 - Year 6 (6C) Miss TJ Cakmak
(6V) Mr Howard Vanjour


Additional Staff
Diversity Support Team/
Special Education

Mrs Kim Patchell - Diversity Leader
Mrs Kelly Dunn
Miss Naomi Zammit
Mr Alan Eisenhuth

Miss Jessica Menezes
Mrs Colleen Fuller
Miss Hannah Satorre
Specialist Teachers Mrs Kaelih Peaty - PDHPE Mrs Vanessa Butchard - Creative Arts/Music
School Finance Secretary Mrs Anne Rando
School Administration Mrs Debbie Smith
School Support Officer Mrs Rebecca Weston
Teacher's Aides Mrs Sognia Piccirilli
Mrs Debbie Issa
Mrs Maria Moutzouras
Mrs Lori McMillan
Mrs Carmen Grech
Mrs Katrina Ranieri
Sudanese Liaison Officer Mr Deng Athum  
School Counsellor Ms Monique Beglinger  
IT Trainee Mr Todd Ward  
Maintenance Mr Dom   
Cleaners Mrs Immaculata Gaudioisi