Reading steals the limelight at Our Lady of the Rosary!

An interactive performance by the staff at Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR), St Marys has ‘ignited’ a love of reading by the students!

This year, OLR will be focussing on reading as part of its literacy action plan. The school’s literacy team consisting of Literacy Leader Nicole Darby, Assistant Principal Julianne Regan and Instructional Leader Teresa Wakeling, have committed to creating a community of readers by bringing staff, students and parents together.

During a recent assembly students were surprised by a special kind of interruption. “Two Reading Robbers were spotted running through the assembly stealing books. The narrator was pleading to the children to help stop the Reading Robbers and rescue reading at OLR,’’ Mrs Darby said.

“The Reading Robbers said they didn’t like reading and they thought it was boring and hard to understand. At that point, the teachers dressed as Super Comprehenders came running into the assembly to save the day. Each super hero was named after the Super Seven Comprehension strategies. They told the Reading Robbers how they could help them enjoy and understand reading, so they could learn to love it again,’’ Mrs Darby said.

After the interactive performance each class was presented with a book complete with bookmarks featuring the Super Comprehenders. They also received a letter addressed to the class about how they could enjoy the story together.

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Assistant Principal Julianne Regan said classes are now encouraged to choose a child each week to take the class story home to share with their family. “Families are invited to write a response about the experience. We will be creating a display for all to see,’’ she said.

Instructional Leader Teresa Wakeling said the children truly enjoyed the presentation. “We know it has ‘ignited’ reading in the school and the ‘Super Comprehenders’ will become a point of reference for all students and teachers throughout the year,” she said.