Learning & Teaching

"Learning should be, above all, a joyful journey towards wisdom, maturity and empowerment. The recognition of excellence and effort in the context of explicit standards will ensure not only students learn how to learn, but they come to love learning as a lifelong commitment." - Teaching and learning In Our Schools, CEO, 2003
"We provide an educational environment which challenges and supports each individual to achieve his/her personal best and acknowledges individual needs." - Our Lady of the Rosary Mission Statement, 2000

Our Lady of the Rosary, St Mary’s, has a dedicated team of teachers, committed to providing a quality Catholic education for their students. Below, you will find information about our curriculum, our support programs, sport, and the many extracurricular opportunities we provide.

The Our Lady of the Rosary Curriculum

Religious Education in the Classroom

The Our Lady of Rosary school community is committed to providing an environment that continues the vision of Mary MacKillop as the founder of our school. On entering our school, the children join a community of learners where the values of Jesus are taught, lived and supported by our school motto, ‘We Follow Jesus’.

The religious education of a child is fostered by the partnership of the home, parish and school. It is with this understanding that we build and develop the faith of the children who have been entrusted to us. At Our Lady of the Rosary, we follow the Sharing our Story Religious Education Curriculum set out by the Parramatta Diocese.

Parish Sacramental Program and Liturgy

  • The school supports the parish sacramental team fully, as it implements its sacramental program in the parish.
  • Parents should enrol their children in preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation at the appropriate time.
  • All enrolments are carried out through the Church.
  • We view liturgy as a special part of our school life. Children attend Mass once a term. Special feast days are celebrated with prayer assemblies.
  • Parents and friends are always welcome to attend these special celebrations with us.
  • Once a year, each grade will have the opportunity to attend a Saturday evening/Sunday Mass.

At Our Lady of the Rosary, students are given the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities that enable them to pursue and develop their own interests and talents. These include:

  • the Music Van
  • numerous sporting gala days including soccer, touch football, cricket and netball
  • the Voice of Youth public speaking competition
  • University of NSW competitions
  • Operation Art
  • Young Leaders Day
  • Life Education
  • choir
  • athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals
  • swimming lessons for Stage One students.

At Our Lady of the Rosary we embrace the fact that all children are unique and have different gifts and talents. We acknowledge that all children have varied learning abilities, learn at different rates and with different styles. Support is provided for any students who are experiencing challenges with their learning, in the form of class support, which is one-on-one or within a small group, or children are taken to specialised learning spaces.

We have an on-site speech therapist who works one-on-one with students who require extra support with articulation, sounds and language based on regulated assessments.

Individual plans are written and implemented by teachers, parents and support staff, for any child who meets the requirements for Commonwealth Government funding. The individual plan records any within class modifications or adjustments made for the child’s particular learning needs, specific learning support and any additional expectations of parents or carers.

The library is a vibrant place for reading and research.

Students at Our Lady of the Rosary have access to our well-resourced and well-equipped libraries, and they are a place where children can come to research, read for leisure and borrow books to read at home.

The libraries consist of:

  • fiction and non-fiction books
  • picture novels
  • novels
  • information texts
  • computers for research

The library is open during some playtimes to allow children to sit and read during recess or lunch as an alternative to playing outside, to catch up on unfinished work, or research for an assignment/project.

As well as the PDHPE curriculum, Our Lady of the Rosary provides various sporting opportunities for its students to represent the school, remain fit and healthy, and to just have fun!

Some of these include:

  • twilight swimming carnivals
  • athletics carnivals
  • cross Country
  • touch football
  • netball
  • soccer
  • cricket

Clinics are also provided for:

  • AFL
  • rugby league
  • cricket

Children also attend the Don Bosco Youth Centre for sport and recreational activities twice a term. Activities/facilities include:

  • trampolines
  • basketball courts
  • indoor/outdoor soccer courts
  • table tennis
  • pool tables
  • mini soccer tables

For information regarding Diocesan representative sport, please go to the Parramatta Diocese Primary School Sports Council (PDPSSC) website.